Kids creating art to change lives.

Our Story

Creek Kids Care was born out of two young children’s concern over one local homeless man’s wellbeing. These children decided they wanted to do something to make that one man’s life easier. Their friends joined in, and the group gradually grew throughout their school.

CKC now involves kids and teens throughout Walnut Creek and beyond. Many of the Creek Kids have been involved since CKC started in 2004. Through the art work they create, the Creek Kids provide practical support to local homeless community members as well as provide support to an orphanage in Mutoku Zimbabwe.

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For more information on Creek Kids Care including our history, who benefits from our donations and how we create our product please watch our video.

Creek Kids Care Video

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We’d love to have you join us at Creek Kids Care. Everyone (preschool age through high school) is welcome, and there is no membership requirement — just show up and participate when you can make the time.

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Spending our Money the CKC way

After all the opportunities to paint, create the stationery, and then sell it, what Creek Kids Care is all about is giving away what we earn. This month, we’ll be meeting with our school groups and also with a group of elementary students to decide how to spend our money. Each group will have at least $1,000 […]